Schlüsselfund Zentrale AG
Churerstrasse 160a
8808 Pfäffikon/SZ
Tel. 055 416 50 55
Fax 055 416 50 51
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Frequently asked questions

My KeyFinder broke. Can I replace it?
Send us your defect KeyFinder and a stamped envelope and we will replace your KeyFinder at no extra costs.


How do I know, for how long my KeyFinder will be registered for?
You can call us anytime with your KeyFinder Number and your name and we will give you the expiry date for your KeyFinder.


What do I have to do when my address changed?
Ihre You can modify your address online. You can also send us a fax to 055 416 50 51 or send us a letter. Please always mention your KeyFinder Number and your old as well as your new address. Last but not least you may call our Customer Service Line on 055 416 50 55.


Will KeyFinder return my keys, when they were lost abroad?
Yes – the System works internationally. The person who finds the key(s) will be able to send them back from anywhere via the local mail service and throw it into any mail box. The Fair-Play Schlüsselbund Zentrale will send the key(s) back to the address you provided. The systems also works, when you are abroad.


I lost my keys. Now I am wondering if other keys without KeyFinder will find their way to you?
No – a lost key or key ring can only find their way back, when they have a KeyFinder attached. Often people realize after they have lost their keys, how important those are and how much it costs and how much time they have to waste once they are gone. And it is so simple: Apply a KeyFinder to each key set and you can forget about all those worries of losing keys.


By the way

  • Does the key fund company still exist?
  • Is the address of that key fund company printed on the key fob, so that you may update your current address and you can be sure your key finds its way back to you?
  • Is your subscription still valid?

Change your old key finder fob to the original KeyFinder and reap the benefits of 5 years of safety for your keys!